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After a few blistering, icy blizzards it's time to send my Vans and feet to intensive care and get serious about the cosy winter months.

I hit the strip to sort myself out with some boots but was quickly disappointed with what was on offer. While half of the goods would leave me feeling like a sewage worker that hadn't seen daylight for as long as Craig David has had a hit single, the other half were so over done with ridiculousness with names to match (most likely adapted from soggy Italian takeaway menus). So it was back online to hunt down an old favorite. Alden.

Not the cheapest boots in the woods, but the quality will definitely out live any 5 generations of iPods. A worthy investment.

Grab your goods at



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Things can be great when gone at solo, but it's when you team up two already outrageously unstoppable sides that you get a Trovolta/Samuel L Jackson style explosion. These are forces that could turn back global warming, rebirth the Dodo or maybe even bring back your childhood goldfish, General Patterson.

One such force is that of Oki-Ni and Hypebeast. Oki-Ni, the London based online retailer has such suave threads you'd have Prince William ditching Miss Kate on some deserted Caribbean island. While Hypebeast has been keeping the feet of the street out of rehab since 2005. So inevitably, things went like clockwork when Oki-Ni gave Hypebeast free reign to pick their best of the best.

If you don't feel like dressing yourself, you can grab any of these goodies here OKI-NI



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There comes a time in every self respecting persons life when you need to throw your Kindle into the fire, roll your hybrid car into the ocean and join an anti Ed Hardy movement. Excess ain't always the best.

Personally, I'm happy to stick with blowing cash and leave the nudists to run amuck and the Buddhists to miss out on the joys a material, superficial life can bring. I did however stumble across a piece, a time piece in fact, than can turn back the wobbly hands of time and unify those with snowballing credit card bills and the "worldly" types that think their all that for not needing anything.

The masterminds behind the London based operation are Uniform Wares. Their product line up comprises of three serieses, all with beautifully crafted minimalistic designs. You really can't go wrong and with pricing at a friendly £100 your wrist will need therapy if you hold back.

You can get strapped up at OKI-NI



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Sex at home
The Italian stallions from Retro Super Future, or Super Eyewear, never cease to stop filling this world with stunning, relatively low priced shades. Each and every one of their pieces has more character and charm than any deadbeat used car salesman could dream to convince you of. They take classic looks and styles then put them through a modern, warm wash cycle to arrive at these ultra fresh goods.

I'm a sucker for Tortoise shell as there's this suave edge that seems to be a tad cooler and more seasonally versatile than it's darker, funeral prone relative. I also have a soft spot for metallics, so when I stumbled across this gang I couldn't pass.

To get the full range you are best of heading to the super eyewear site at



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Yeah, this post is dedicated to every kid who ever got picked last in gym class (yeah, 1999)
This is for you. To every kid who never had a date to no school dance. This. is. for. you.

It really isn't, I just wanted to remind everyone that the guys from Good Charlotte are kicking it through the posts of douchehood just as well as the jacked up jocks polluting the senior school halls. We did however get one good thing from these guys (that now most likely call a aluminium trailer home sweet home) and that is the letterman jacket.

There is an odd sense of authority coming from the jackets that no one can really explain, like with glasses, they make you feel far more skilled at something you could have no talent of.
Now, if your rockin it with deck shoes as your jumping out of your raised pickup truck, this post is not for you. You'd be better off heading to "HELP ME DR. PHIL!"

Back to it, when matched with some slim jim jeans, printed tee's and any array of sneakers, you've put together a nice little kit. If you really pull it off girls might even approach you thinking your a DJ, and we all want that.

The one below is from Franklin Marshall and will get you were you need to be. Pick them up from



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The 80s was home to no shortage of events, Lennon was biting the bullet while the first lass made it to space, then as crack-cocaine filled the lungs and hoods of L.A, PACMAN chomped on the hearts and future education of the kids. But something else happened, something rather promiscuous. Digital got it on with Mr. and Mrs. Gold and Silver, birthing the iconic, future classic LCD Casio.

The times were good, real good, but as we know from Scarface, Casino or Mccally Culcan all good things come to an end. This can be fortunate when you’re talking about jumpers round the waste or pet rock collections but some concepts luckily slip through the cracks of time.

Meet Casio’s grandkid, the Nixon RERUN which is as close to a time machine as you'll ever get! On top of this number it is definitely worth checking more from the label as Nixon has managed to slap on names that would have any gold toothed hood rat eating out of your palm: The Regent, The Magnacon, The Captial, The High Ball, The Sultan, and it goes on and on.

With a tag ranging from only $79.95 - $99.95 this is a must have. Pick yours up from Also, thanks to LifeLounge for the photos!



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Each and every time I’ve jumped onboard a flight there’s that particular chap with dark shades locked to his face (regardless of time) and that vacant celebrity look of disbelief from being among the “riff raff”. So why the tude with an economy ticket pal? Maybe his business partner ran off with his goods and girl or maybe his Platinum Amex slipped out of his scuba suit while spelunking in the Caribbean. But how do we know if this guy is legit? It’s not the way he grunts at the age of his supposed single malt whisky but something much simpler. His carry on bag.

I’ve seen gents fitting the criteria to a tee, until they whip out their carry on – a tattered sports bag that looks as if it came free with their sixth packet of Cheerios. The only thing missing, a velcro Rusty wallet. Instant FAIL. So the moral of the story, don’t be a douche, and do yourself a favor and pick up a nice carry on bag.

The Irish craftsmen of De Bruir create some on the classiest examples I’ve come across. The bags look like they’ve materialized from some Medieval village that thinks the only thing that is “made in China” are Chinese children. A De Bruir is not going to be the cheapest thing in your closet at€360-€395 but certainly the longest lasting. The first two shots are from the AVIATOR SERIES and lucky last is the PARACHUTER 2. Check it all out at



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The double rainbow of fashion, design, music and culture is on the horizon to finally put some colour in London's dreary skies. You get a sound gist of LN-CC, Late Night Chameleon Cafe, from the clean cut, classy online storefront, but the real gem is the 6,000 square foot building encompassing 7 concept rooms, all promising an entirely unique experience. Expect showcases from the most adventurous, talented upcoming fashion designers, a Club area home to a state of the art vintage sound system ready for teleportation, a gold mine of ultra rare, bizarre and fascinating titles fished from the depths of the globe and then much, much more. Something this epic doesn't open up shop every day and really needs to be experienced to be understood. Keep your eyes peeled for an opening not to miss! Check it out here



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Aside from the countless volumes of ridiculously good mixes, (if your ears haven't had the pleasure, get on it), the Parisian label Kitsuné, could not be more spot on with anything threaded. Below are some shots from the Ivy League Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. The first shot really does pull the Ivy Knob look, i just dug his preemptive Christmas cheer and couldn't leave him behind, while the following use the bolder colours so well against the darker shades to give a perfect understated class, nice. Expect much more from Kitsune.



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I shoot with a Nikon D90 and love the quality and versatility, but often miss out on great shots simply because I wasn't bothered lugging it around that day. Micro four thirds cameras have been exploding on the market as they provide a perfect alternative to their bigger brothers. They have a great combination of an increasingly impressive photo quality, variety of lenses and lack of bulk. So from next Wednesday I am going to sift through what's out there, what is coming and what path you should go down. Stay tuned!


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I know in life it might not make sense to go back on all the technology and innovation that our old's have spent tireless hours perfecting, but path logical is not always going to be the most scenic route. Even Buddha would say, why live a nine geared life of excess when one does just fine. No one needs to hog all these gears from the rest of the world. So when talking about the infamous fixie bike, less is more, much more.

When asking a fixie rider about there stallion, function is not going to be the hot topic of conversation, but more the artistic eye that has gone into it. Regardless of what you think, you can't dispute that some of these rides look stunning.

And then there is skill. Anyone will happily say they can ride a bike until they realise there on a freewheeled, brake-less bandit hurling down a hill. Good luck chump. You'll know a skilled rider when they're kicking the back out, to gracefully skid to a stop.

All in all, my respects to the solo speeds.

I came across the other day. You can customize your own weapon from the frame to the chain. Definitely worth a look.



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I'm always on the hunt for perfect facial products. Rarely one company offers it all, however these guys are bitting at the heels of that honour.

The London based company, going by the name of Men-u, release a phenomenal range of ultra effective, portion pump controlled, natural products. I picked up the moisturiser and facial wash and have been loving them! The very clean and crisp products get you, and keep you looking your Sunday best, everyday.
It is refreshing to notice an absence of that clinical, chemical feel found in so many products these days.

As for the concentrated shaving cream, I never actually shave to the skin, so I have had no need to take it for a spin, but if he's as reliable as his brothers, you can't loose.

You can grab the goods direct from the site or from



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The Tee shirt, an interesting, often overlooked little number that can really make or break your look. The most subtle differences in neckline, material and cut will set whether your hitting the town, or headed for a Sunday BBQ at Aunt Mavis' place.

It seems Tee designers get how hard it is for us, so are more than happy whacking ridiculous prices on. You can try justifying a 200€ tag by the amazing, organic, west mongolian hemp material, but i really don't care. So here are a couple from New Yorks Hyden Yoo that won't break the bank at 50USD a pop. You can grab them from