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The classic English gentleman is pacing his way back through the cobbled streets of fashion and over the curvaceous lands of Scotland and Ireland, where the low cut wingtip originated. By substituting kicks or other low cut footwear for this sophisticated option (I like to refer to as gentlemen's) you can pull off a much classier, somewhat bohemian look. The darker toned Brogue typically lends itself to a slightly dressier outfit, however the similar Oxford cut has lighter tans and less dark browns. They are ideal for a killer daily look when accompanied by faded black jeans, vintage jackets/coats and an array of accompaniments, such as a dainty scarf or even for those so daring a bow tie. Your best option is to hunt for a preloved pair to give that authentic vibe.

You can find a great range at with prices starting at £30 and move upwards of £300.


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I think this will looks great with formals

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