Posted by Alfie Avant

Happy Feet Socks
I love winter for the crisp, icy air, and of course the jackets, but the streets so often become starved of colour. You need to start relying on the things so slight to make the day bright.
Happy Socks have grabbed Jack Frost by his horns and released a massive range of socks, which come in a wide variety of lengths, patterns and a rainbow colors that are sure to cut through even a foggy London day. This subtlety is often neglected, as people seem to forget that the right accessory can breathe life into a simple outfit.
Best use is as a highlight with predominately darker bottoms and tops, or even with a more formal outfit to give a sneaky, humorous touch.
So don’t be bland, and get on it! The buy in is a modest $10 a pop, with free shipping for any 4 pairs.
Check out Happy Socksfor the full range and online store


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