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Eskuche Rose Gold Headphones
If you feel like your ready to step out of the sea of white ear buds for greener, and much better sounding pastures, continue reading, if not your music probably isn’t worthy anyway.
I get the impression the ipod headphones are designed 20% for sound quality and 80% for social acceptance. Those who truly love their tunes splurge with companies like Bose, Sennheiser and many others who produce some amazing products. You can’t beat those guys for fidelity, however every now and then we the superficial kicks in and we need something that makes us look better than everyone else. Forget skull candy or anything in between, as a little company named Eskuche have hit it!

Working with classic 70's inspired styles, they have not only produced goods prepared to visually dazzle, but listeners can expect a very solid sound too! Tunes out of an iPod give tight and responsive bass topped with dreamy mid-tones and crisp highs.
All in all, we were quite happy with the sound across a wide variety of genres, but more importantly, throughout the first week we were hard pressed to stand in line without having someone ask "Man, were the hell do you get those!?".

The pair pictured above come in Rose Gold (our pick), silver and black. The goods will set you back a very reasonable $58USD.

Find Eskuche atRevole Cloting


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