Posted by Alfie Avant

It’s never fun being ‘that guy’ who has either gone overboard with the dress code or turned up looking like he’s off to for a sparing session. To make sure you look right for any occasion, here is a quick fix. Most people instinctively look toward shirts or dress pants for an answer, this is not the path to righteousness. In order to get a hold of a shiny golden key to slip through the cracks of fashion, look to subtly for success.
This key is of course in the footwear.
Nice leathers will do for dressier events, but for a less formal juncture, simply look to a close relative for saviour. The answer, a suede lace up, boot or derby style shoe. They provide all the class, with no chance of ignorance.
For nice bars or even less formal, yet classy work environments, wear some leather capped derby lace ups, slim fit denims (such as those by Nudie or APC) and a dressy plaid or other fitted shirt, then my friend, you’re on your way.
If you don’t already have a pair, buy some, and you will never walk back!


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