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After a brief stint in Mexico, I returned home less a Canon G11, some cash, and my 3rd Blackberry in a week. You really need to stay a step ahead of the underworld to make it in this big bag world. Luckily enough, the savvy designers at Twelve South are on side.
Their answer? An incognito MacBook cover hiding under the cloak of a classic hardcover book. It may look like your headed to a law lecture, but to the amazement of standers by, the inside reveals a velvet bedding, ideal for keeping your pride and joy safe and secure.
The design is built of distressed ridged leather front and back with an opening to allow for incase charging, and sturdy duel zippers that vanish when closed. The result is a snug fitting case, sure to protect your Mac from the everyday bips and bops.
This magical design isn’t going to have the radar avoidance power of Harry's invisibility cloak, but I love it, and it will make you a lot cooler that most other people.
The Book Book has been created for 13” and 15” MacBook Pro’s and is available in classic black or vibrant red for $79.99
Twelve South, with free shipping.


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