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Do you think singlets are reserved for jacked guys looking to bless the world with a free gun show, or are the sleeveless bandits simply a functional friend for the Friday night homoerotic wrestling sessions? The answer is of course D, none of the above. The promotional freebies that plague the gym are ideal for these situations or whenever working up a sweat, however it is crucial to step it up a notch for any other times.

When sussing out your options, remember slight differences in cut and colour make a world of difference to your look. As always, a balance is crucial. Avoid the ultra scene options that look more like a summer frock, you'll be strutting around town and hear "Mate, you look like a silly cock!". Focus on thinner shoulders, slightly lower arches and a pattern that tapers in to give a nice natural V, without looking like the roid boys of Venice Beach. Also, to keep things a little bit more interesting, look for small touches like pockets and buttons.

Remember, the right singlets will be your closest summer companions, such as the below options from

jason-nevikov-white-ysl-face-tank oak-stripe-style-line-tank oak-blue-marle-button-pocket-tank jason-nevikov-blue-diamonds-tank


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Finally the weather gods have stopped teasing and taunting with this unpredictable hot/cold rubbish! It is now time to open your doors, show some leg and get your tan on.

For this spring/summer season earthy, dirtier tones are the way to go, with absolutely no knee to short contact acceptable. If you’ve found yourself with a longer pair that you can’t part with, get it hemmed and donate the excess to the hood rats.

The below specimens are perfect with a variety of light cotton open button downs and looser singlets or tees. Just please, please do not disgrace your footwear heritage with boat shoes, they are for the college guys drinking Busch light and $12 Vodka handles.

cheapmonday plan shorts insight revelation shorts high and dry shorts

Find all these pairs at needsupply


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I don't expect you to be able to pronounce his name either, but language barriers won't get in the way of appreciating this dazzling Dane's release of stunning shades and specs, conjointly called the Timeless collection.
You'll see fusions of late 60's, Steve McQueen like curves and splashes of vibrant 70's colors, which together result in a 'much better than that guy look'.

Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses for Storm Denmark 1
Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses for Storm Denmark 3
Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses for Storm Denmark 5
Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses for Storm Denmark 2
Han Kjobenhavn Timeless Sunglasses for Storm Denmark 4

You can find the entire range at


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Smokers cop plenty of flak these days. It seems the times of freely smoking in public are over; maybe it's the non smoking signs getting you down, or the disgruntled looks thrown like loose change by mothers, while quickly ushering their loved ones away from you.
There is a flame at the end of this grim tunnel, with Mr Margiela the one proudly holding the lighter high. He isn't actually holding a flame, but instead has specifically created a nifty front pocket to keep your darts safe, sound and proud.


You'll be smoking in no time if you make your way in store, or navigate to Tres Bien.


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Mark Ronson is clearly content with his conquer of the music world, as he's branched out to release some footwear in collaboration with Gucci.

I didn't know what to expect, but he clearly has an eye for design, working with clean lines and vibrant colour combos. The only way your going to be able to pick up a pair is in store, however it will be worth the trip as each Gucci Ronson sneaker also comes with a special edition 12 inch.
Mark Ronson X Gucci   Limited Edition Ronson Gucci Sneakers | A Closer Look
Mark Ronson X Gucci   Limited Edition Ronson Gucci Sneakers | A Closer Look
Mark Ronson X Gucci   Limited Edition Ronson Gucci Sneakers | A Closer Look
Mark Ronson X Gucci   Limited Edition Ronson Gucci Sneakers | A Closer Look

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Here are a few shots from the latest UNIS Spring/Summer look book. I love the understated earthy tones and cuts. The almost muted colours allow for a perfect contrast, such as the faded pink pants with the cool grey shirt. The look couldn't be more at home than on the streets on New York, with the shots taken by Ken Tisuthiwongse.
The collection is available online at or at the Elizabeth Street store.


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The perfect polo should aim for subtlety. I don't understand who's idea it was to feed steroids to the Ralph Lauren Polo logo, or what drug the other designers were on to follow the idea, but now there are morons walking around with giant horses and alligators on their shirts. Save that look for science fiction movies and stick with something like this. You can't go wrong with the Paul Smith club collar, it's nearly too preppy, but then avoids capsizing with the white/navy nautical stripe. You're going to want to avoid getting wet though, with a price tag of £118.

Get yourself kitted up at


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Vans have to be one of the most crucial daily items in any footwear closet, with this new release being a perfect example. A pair will definitely be receiving a Ryan Atwood welcome into my shoe family! The coffee cream colour combo blends seamlessly with the earthy brown lowers, together giving a slightly more dressier look than other vans canvas offerings. You can grab a pair from