Posted by Alfie Avant

I know in life it might not make sense to go back on all the technology and innovation that our old's have spent tireless hours perfecting, but path logical is not always going to be the most scenic route. Even Buddha would say, why live a nine geared life of excess when one does just fine. No one needs to hog all these gears from the rest of the world. So when talking about the infamous fixie bike, less is more, much more.

When asking a fixie rider about there stallion, function is not going to be the hot topic of conversation, but more the artistic eye that has gone into it. Regardless of what you think, you can't dispute that some of these rides look stunning.

And then there is skill. Anyone will happily say they can ride a bike until they realise there on a freewheeled, brake-less bandit hurling down a hill. Good luck chump. You'll know a skilled rider when they're kicking the back out, to gracefully skid to a stop.

All in all, my respects to the solo speeds.

I came across the other day. You can customize your own weapon from the frame to the chain. Definitely worth a look.



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