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Over the last six months I've had all my aural needs pleasured by a rose gold set of Eskuche headphones. Unfortunately, they have taken some inspiration from Sir Houdini and pulled a fast one. The good news is it's time to shop around.
I stumbled across a little number under the label Ultrasone. If like me, you haven't heard of them before, it's most likely because we don't know anyone that can afford them.
They look equally as elegant as any New York, 5th Avenue penthouse mantel piece, and also promise ultra blissful fidelity. Each set is built to such a ridiculously high standard, that only Ultrasone themselves can give justice in describing these babies :

"Precious Ethiopian sheepskin leather covers ear cups and head band. This is the smoothest leather available. The noble metal matt ruthenium, which is known for its elegant look and durable properties, covers the ear cups. The decorative shiny warm finish of the ruthenium surface shows a variety of eye-catching reflections. The ear cups are emblazoned with inlays of decorous Zebrano wood. Featuring a unique and stylish full metal headband that is also an extremely lightweight, solid design also bestow the highest comfort at the same time. Summing all this up, these headphones stand for extravagance in comfort, sound, surface feel and appearance."

I have never known metal to be refereed to as "noble", but either way, i want the guy that wrote this coming to my next dinner party!


So raid your tip jar and pull together the MSRP of $2,749 USD! For more info on the 10's head to


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