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Each and every time I’ve jumped onboard a flight there’s that particular chap with dark shades locked to his face (regardless of time) and that vacant celebrity look of disbelief from being among the “riff raff”. So why the tude with an economy ticket pal? Maybe his business partner ran off with his goods and girl or maybe his Platinum Amex slipped out of his scuba suit while spelunking in the Caribbean. But how do we know if this guy is legit? It’s not the way he grunts at the age of his supposed single malt whisky but something much simpler. His carry on bag.

I’ve seen gents fitting the criteria to a tee, until they whip out their carry on – a tattered sports bag that looks as if it came free with their sixth packet of Cheerios. The only thing missing, a velcro Rusty wallet. Instant FAIL. So the moral of the story, don’t be a douche, and do yourself a favor and pick up a nice carry on bag.

The Irish craftsmen of De Bruir create some on the classiest examples I’ve come across. The bags look like they’ve materialized from some Medieval village that thinks the only thing that is “made in China” are Chinese children. A De Bruir is not going to be the cheapest thing in your closet at€360-€395 but certainly the longest lasting. The first two shots are from the AVIATOR SERIES and lucky last is the PARACHUTER 2. Check it all out at www.debruir.com



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