Posted by Alfie Avant

There comes a time in every self respecting persons life when you need to throw your Kindle into the fire, roll your hybrid car into the ocean and join an anti Ed Hardy movement. Excess ain't always the best.

Personally, I'm happy to stick with blowing cash and leave the nudists to run amuck and the Buddhists to miss out on the joys a material, superficial life can bring. I did however stumble across a piece, a time piece in fact, than can turn back the wobbly hands of time and unify those with snowballing credit card bills and the "worldly" types that think their all that for not needing anything.

The masterminds behind the London based operation are Uniform Wares. Their product line up comprises of three serieses, all with beautifully crafted minimalistic designs. You really can't go wrong and with pricing at a friendly £100 your wrist will need therapy if you hold back.

You can get strapped up at OKI-NI



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