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August who? Steiner what? Reviews of a watch you never heard of?  Is August Steiner a maker of good watches? Or is August Steiner a maker of bad watches? This is the purpose of this article to establish whether August Steiner manufacturers quality watches or not? We will analyze the good points and bad points of assortment of their watches. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

History of the Company August Steiner

August Steiner, has been in the watch manufacturing business for a long time. Over one hundred and fifteen years to be exact. They started their business at the turn of the century which makes them very experienced at their craft. The fact that they have been in business for such a long time they may be putting out a quality product. In this modern day they combine a cutting edge technology to their watches. They also design watches that are wearable for today’s fashion conscious consumers. Their pricing is affordable and ranges across the board.

The Actual Reviews

1. August Steiner Men’s ASA814BK Swiss Quartz Sport Chronograph Date Watch

This heavy hitter comes with: it has precise swiss and quartz movement with shatter resistant krysterna crystal. (which is good for those of you who are adventurous) It has 316L surgical stainless steel backing.  It’s a casual but sporty looking watch for all those sports fans out there. It has another feature that is is waterproof down to 165ft.

It has a very nice white face so you don’t have to hold the timepiece up to your face. You can hold it a mile away and still see the face clearly. It’s structurally sound and  it isn’t priced out of this world. It has many nice features for the cost. The watch holds up very nice in all weather conditions.
The only problem is the paint is excessive on the watch and the watch is not too comfortable to wear. It had to be taken off after 15 minutes. It looks really nice in the pictures but in reality it looks cheap. The dial was crooked and the chronograph dials didn’t work. This was the condition the watch came in when it arrived in the initial shipment.
Overall the watch is priced too high because of the cheap appearance it has and the vital elements of the watch that didn’t work. Customer reviews showed that there were  almost double the negative reviews in comparison to the positive reviews

2. August Steiner Men’s Leather Watch

This casual watch is very handsome looking with an attractive brown leather band. This watch has an attractive silver dial with three hand movement. There are three hand applied features to this watch. The hour and minute hands are silver tone and the silver index has three hand movements. It’s water resistant to 100 feet.

The watch is almost identical in appearance to a watch that costs $45.00 more. It works as well as this more expensive watch which says the quality of this watch is superior. It seems to be put together well with a bright dial you can see from a distance. The numbers are clear on the face and hands are a sleek silver color. The water resistance  goes to a decent level of 100ft.

The watch arrived initially with a dead battery which was significant because the battery is the brains of the watch. The band is cheaply made and develops cracks and wrinkles just from bending it. The band wore out on the first watch after only 7 or 8 wears which was disappointing.   

The watch has a sleek design that is simple but yet professional looking. It can be worn with a business suit or casual clothes. The watch holds out well in all types of weather. The conclusion is the watch is definitely worth the money. It isn’t overly priced and it looks and works as well as a watch  that is priced $45.00 higher.

3. August Steiner Men's AS8145BR Wood Inlayed Quartz Pocket Watch

This sleek pocket watch has a slick antique copper and wood finish make it look like an 18th century pocket watch. This watch has a classic antique look that would be a handsome addition to any serious pocket watch collectors collection. It has a beige matte dial with sharp looking arabic numerals gracing its face. It looks much more expensive than it is priced. He case diameter is 50mm and it comes with Japanese quartz movement.

It looks a lot more expensive than what it’s selling for. It has a nice 18th century look and would look good  hanging on any formal tuxedo suit and it would wear nice on a high end business suit. It looks a little to high class to be worn with a casual T-shirt and pants outfit.

It is only water resistant to 33 feet which could be limiting. You wouldn’t wear it if you will be in a setting where the water was deep. But it is highly unlikely a pocket watch would be worn for swimming or any other swimming activities. It was rejected as a gift because it was aesthetically unappealing to the recipient.

The watch has a very nice antique/wood inlayed design to it. It would be a nice addition to any collector,s collection. It is reasonably priced and it could be marketed for a much higher price. The inside has a beige colored dial with arabic numbers highlighting its face. This accentuates the antique 18th century look.

4. August Steiner Men's CN009TTG Yellow Gold Quartz Watch with Buffalo Nickel Dial and Yellow Gold and Silver Bracelet

August Steiner has given this watch a one of a kind look. There is a buffalo nickel inserted in the middle of the dial. The roman numerals are black and bold for easy time gelling. The band has an attractive gold and silver color combination. It comes with a fold over clasp and is powered by quartz movement with a slick analog display..

This watch is priced amazingly low and it could sell for a much higher price. It has a metal two tone colored wrist band and the dial has a gold colored outer edge that enhances the overall appearance of the watch dial. It is a durable watch that can hold up to a lot of abuse. It timekeeping accuracy is admirable.

The  stem slid right out of the watch when it was taken initially out of its packaging. This dampened the whole purchase experience. The stem was immediately inserted back into the watch. The real downside is the stem shouldn’t have come out so easily on a brand new watch.

5. August Steiner Men's AS8090BK Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band

This men’s watch has a very masculine look to it. It comes with a grayish brown dial and not a black dial as advertised. It has bold white numerals bringing a nice contrast to the dial as a whole. The numerals are easy to see and the black leather wrist band matches well with the grayish brown face dial. It doesn’t have quartz movement as advertised. It has Japanese movement.with silver lined hands. It is water resistant to 100 ft. It has a durable stainless steel case. The dial has a real modern feel to it.

It has a nice professional look to it. Simple grayish brown face with white letters. The numbers glow in the dark. Making them easy to see at night. The simplicity of the design is an attractive feature. It is a nice looking watch. It is water resistant to 100ft.

The watch is overpriced because the design is so simple. The numbers glow in the dark but the hands don’t making it impractical to see the time at night. The watch stopped keeping time after 8 months and at 9 months it quit working all together. This is poor quality of workmanship for the money. It doesn’t come with a date marker. It was falsely advertised on two counts. It doesn’t have quartz movement but Japanese movement. The face is not black in color but grayish brown. You don’t get what you thought you were paying for because of the two false advertisements.

6. This is a simple design but has a high-tech look to it. 

It would fit right into the space age. The watch has quartz movement and has silver tone hands. The numbers are black and thin but easy to see. The dial is marked in 15 minute increments which you don’t find on many watch dials. It has a stainless steel case with a unique mesh designed wrist band. Unique cream colored dial face. It has swiss quartz movement.

It comes with a mesh metallic band that makes the watch easy to slip on and slip off the wrist. The actual watch looked better than the picture. The numbers are easy to read and the cream-colored dial face catches people’s attention because of the unique color. Wears very well with casual or dressy wardrobe.

In more than one case the band didn’t fit properly and isn’t self adjusting. It had to be taken to a jeweler for the band to be adjusted for a proper fit. This cost extra money. The mesh band makes taking off and putting on the watch very difficult. It wasn’t possible for the band to be clasped together. The band didn’t align properly at the clasps. There was a slight angle making the mesh band uneven at the clasps. It just wouldn’t clasp together so the watch couldn’t be worn. The watch fell apart when it was taken out of the package. A very poorly constructed watch.

Overall the design of the watch is very hi-tech and streamlined. The cream colored dial face makes for a fresh and different look. The watch is band is loose fitting and poorly designed. The watch is overpriced and should be selling for about $15.00 dollars less.

7. AS8084XRGBR Men’s Watch

It comes with a genuine brown leather wrist strap. It has a 2 year international warranty. It is very luxurious looking. It has a tang buckle and it has a screw down back plate. The numbers are thin gold lines marking the hours. The number representations are hard to see. It has a white dial with two gold hands marking the hours and minutes on the dial. It has a real simple look to it. It is very high priced.

The white colored dial face with the gold hands make a nice contrast. The genuine leather brown band is a nice addition. The back is secured by screws making it easy to take off and put back on.

The  watch has a very smart but simple design to it. The gold lines marking the hours are easy to see but it is hard to figure out the actual hours. There are no numbers marking the hours. There is no date marker either. The watch is priced way too high and it is missing basic features that a watch that expensive should have.

8. August Steiner AS8201YG Watch with Gold Dial and Gold/Gold Tone Bracelet

This set comes with a his and hers watch. They have gold tone cases and coin- edge bezel and a tonal dial with diamond indices. The wristbands are a gold and silver two tone color combination. The watches have a quartz movement with analog display. The watches are water resistant to 33 ft. Stainless steel alloy bands with fold over clasps. The set is reasonably priced.

The matching his and her watches complement each other well. The design is luxurious in nature without the high price tag. The watches are priced reasonably as a package.

The men’s watch had a date indicator but the women’s watch didn’t. The women’s watch could have come with a thinner wristband to give it a more feminine appearance.

The set is very really priced and the design is very high class. The watches look a lot more expensive than they are priced. With all the custom features designed into the watches the price is a steal

9. August Steiner Men's AS8161SS Silver Multifunction Swiss Quartz Watch with White Dial and Silver Bracelet

The watch has a scuba diving design to it. It is multifunctional with three sub functions for the date, day and GMT. Not many watches have these features. It has a silver colored wristband three inter-connecting squares around the whole width of the wristband. The watch has silver tone luminous hands with arabic numbers. It has quartz movement.

The watch is reasonably priced for all the features. It has a strong overall durable, metallic design to it. It definitely has a masculine look to it. The numbers are large and blend well with the color of the dial face. The three sub-function features are clearly labeled on the dial face and very easy to read.

Quite honestly the watch isn’t aesthetically pleasing to look at. You would not buy this watch to make a fashion statement. The numbers are light and the same color as the dial face. The numbers are very hard to see because they blend in so well with the dial face color.

10. August Steiner Men's CN002C-AS Round Buffalo Nickel Collectors Gold Coin Watch

This watch has a unique design. It has a collectors Indian head nickel inserted into the dials face. The wristband is made of genuine calf leather that is designed to look like crocodile hide. It comes with roman numerals that have a copper tone. The hands are also copper colored and thin in design. The watch has 5 minute increments made of copper color. They are slotted in a black outer edge on the face of the dial. It is a fine addition to any watch collection. It is definitely a collectors piece. It can be worn everyday though.

It has a genuine Indian nickel head slotted into the dial face. The outer black edge makes the five minute increments easy to see. The leather wristband is uniquely made of calf leather. Very good price for a collector’s piece. It can double as an everyday piece as well.

There  is too much clutter in the design of the face dial. There are five minute increments and roman numerals displayed on the face of the watch. This is very distracting to look at. Also, the copper toned  roman numerals are very hard to read.

The watch is valuable for as a display collector’s piece but for everyday use it’s not practical. It has a very nice price tag and the Indian head inserted in the dial is a unique feature.


The August Steiner company has been in business for over 100 years. It’s longevity speaks to the popularity of its products for consumers worldwide. The company makes watches for men and women and they are priced in a wide range. From $15.00-$500.00 and the watches are made for all kinds of people and circumstances. Generally they seem pretty sound structurally. But when there were issues with the watches the issues were pretty severe. Two watches were shipped with dead batteries and the batteries are the brains of the watch. Another watch had adjustability problems with the wristbands. One watch broke into pieces upon removal from its packaging.

Generally, the company make a good line of watches but the quality in a few of the makes is questionable. The expensive watch was way overpriced because the design was very simple and didn’t have that wow factor.   


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