Stuhrling Watches Review

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Stuhrling Watches Review 

Are Stuhrling watches junk or quality watches? Thix what we will attempt to determine in the following reviews. Could it be that Stuhrling is one of those watches you either hate love? What are people saying about their watches? What do people really think about their watches? Are they underpriced? Are they overpriced? Does the manufacturer live up to all the claims they make about their watches? The purpose of this article is to give you a better perspective of stuhrling watches. You will be armed with more knowledge to make an intelligent decision on whether to purchase these brands of watches or not.

The History of Sturhling      

The Sturhling  watch company had its beginnings in the early 1800’s. They disappeared and then made a grand rebirth in 1999. Their  philosophy is rooted in their earliest beginnings. They have carried the old world values of watchmaking into the 21st century. Their thinking is such that even though a watch is a piece to tell time with. The minute is is handcrafted it becomes a piece of art. The company came back into public view in 1999. They are headquartered in the United States but some, f not all their watches are made in China. They are still making fine stuhrling watches in China. The company says their watches are made with traditional Swiss quality. They use the highest quality materials: 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, top grain genuine leather, and custom-molded silicone rubber straps. They maintain the highest quality in the making of their products. For example, their Delphi family of watches, are made in the grand tradition of the skeleton watches of the 1900’s. They have made thousands of watches since 1999, that remind of us of our great horological (the study of time)  history.

1. The Aquadiver Regatta Champion  

This particular reviewer has personally selected the Stuhrling Original Men's 824.01 Regatta Analog Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel Watch as their favorite watch. The watch features:
  • A 2 year standard warranty
  • Round stainless steel black dial with brightly illuminated numbers, counterclockwise-rotating bezel, screw down crown, and magnified date window at 3 o’clock position
  • 42mm stainless steel round case with crown guard and shatter resistant Krysterna crystal dial window      
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display
  • Stainless steel link bracelet with fold over clasp that is safe
  • Water resistant to 200m or 660ft. This watch has a screw-in crown, which you will find in diver’s watches. This prevents water from getting into the watch case through the stem hole. When this is screwed down it gives a very fine water tight fit. Like a jar lid to a jar  

The Good Reviews
  • The pictures don’t do the watch justice. It’s a very nice looking watch
  • It comes on a nice pillow display. The links are easy to take off to transport to the jeweler for repair.
  • The watch comes in a nice scotch box
  • The instructions are clear and concise
  • Comes with a standard 2 year warranty
  • Get this it comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning
The Bad Reviews
  • The watch date is always a day off. dIsappointing for a watch valued at $600.00 dollars
  • The watch is simply a piece of junk. Don’t buy it
  • The consumer owned the watch for a few months and the chain broke twice. It broke just from the consumer clapping his hands with the watch in them.
  • The crown is a little rough when turning
  • The watch isn’t worth the price. It’s more of a $50-60 dollar watch
  • The package was opened and a note said “Don’t wear this watch in the shower. Say what! It’s supposed to be water resistant down to 600ft.

The reviews both positive and negative teeter from one extreme to the other. The person with the positive comments about the watch really loved it. The comments by those who didn’t like it really didn’t like it. This leads one to believe you will either really love this watch or you will really hate this watch. There seems to be no middle ground.

2. Stuhrling Original-Classic Swiss Quartz Watch

  • This watch has a simple but space age design to it.
  • The band is a unisex sleek band that allows the wearer to wear it in casual and formal settings
  • It has precise Swiss-quartz movement
  • Round watch with hydraulically-stamped knife-grip texture at inner dial and Arabic numeral and notch hour markers
  • Stainless steel mesh band with fold over clasp
  • 38mm stainless steel case with Krysterna crystal dial window
  • Water resistant to 50m (165ft.) It’s good for short recreational swimming but not snorkeling or diving

Good Reviews
  • Beautiful watch with a stainless steel mesh band, black dial, and synthetic sapphire crystal
  • The mesh band is woven very tightly. Customer didn’t pull his wrist hair out like he thought he would
  • Watch slides under wrist sleeve with no problem. It isn’t too bulky
  • Much more expensive looking than it really is
  • Nice slim watch
  • The watch is definitely worth the sale price. The customer would be willing to pay $ 120.00 dollars

Bad Reviews
  • Customer says this is a lousy product. The hands fell off, the watch face was scratched. Customer will never buy a stuhrling watch again
  • Upo arrival the battery was dead. The edges scratched the skin. The watch looks cheap
  • The band kept catching the customer’s arm hair. It was returned
  • It died after two weeks. The customer returned the watch   
  • After 5 months of use the lock broke
  • The watch arrived dead on arrival. The watch was returned for a refund

An overview of the reviews. We find the positive reviews that the band is woven very tightly, the watch is beautiful in appearance. The watch looks a lot more expensive that it actually costs. Customer would pay a higher price than the watch sold for at the sale price.  

3. Stuhrling Aquadiver Swiss Quartz

  • Brushed 316l surgical stainless steel round shaped case with Krysterna crystal on front
  • Black and green unidirectional ratcheting bezel with embossed Arabic numer
  • Water-resistant to 200 m (660 feet) Very good depth
  • Black dial with applied circular and baton style indices with date window at three o'clock position
Good Reviews
  • The customer bought the watch for the looks and he wasn’t disappointed. He liked the design and double mechanism of the strap.
  • The customer found a 42mm inexpensive quartz made by stuhrling. He was satisfied so he bought the watch. He looked for for a while and finally found the watch he was looking for.
  • The bezel loosens up after a while
  • Customer liked the green on the first 15 minute tick marks of the bezel, the green border around the hour marks. The second hand is green. The green embellishments he liked
  • This is the second stuhrling watch the customer bought for her husband. He really likes the watches they are durable.   
  • The customer gave the watch 4 out of 5 stars

Bad Reviews
  • Watch had to be taken to a jeweler to have some bands removed. It cost $8.00
  • The magnification window for the date is too small. It’s about 3x too much. This was a complaint of a couple customer.
  • The metal band is too dark
  • Wow! The customer received a dead watch and it was used! He thought he was buying a new watch
  • The crown is too hard to maneuver
  • This customer received a watch that was dead. The battery was gone. He had to buy a new battery and he wasn’t happy about it

4. Stuhrling Original-133.33151 Symphony Aristocrat Automatic

  • Round watch with black skeleton dial featuring silver markers and seconds subdial at 6 o'clock
  • 44mm stainless steel round case with shatter resistant Krysterna crystal dial window and water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet)
  • Automatic self-winding movement with analog display
  • Seconds retrograde at six o'clock position
  • Automatic Movement - This watch is powered by the motion of the wearer's wrist. For first time wear the crown must be turned clockwise about 20-30 full turns. If the watch is not worn for 8 or more hours per day, it will work slower than usual or even stop briefly

  • This customer was absolutely amazed with the watch
  • Time seems to be accurate
  • This mechanical engineer liked the fact that the inner workings can be see. He appreciates this mechanical working watch in a digital age.
  • The owner sys it keeps very accurate time as his watch has only gained a minute a week.
  • The watch really dresses up an outfit. The owner gets many positive remarks about his watch. The watch shot up in price by $180.00 in a couple of days due to demand
  • Customer liked the watch face and band very attractive. The watch is durable and keeps accurate time.

Bad Reviews
  • The hands blend in with the color of the internal workings and sometimes they are hard to see. This was the second complaint about this issue
  • The customer says this watch is a piece of garbage. It broke after about 6 months. The customer was thoroughly disgusted with the company’s customer service. The customer thinks this watch is a piece of garbage. They will never buy any products from Stuhrling again
  • This customer bought the watch and it worked for only one week. Customer lives in Argentina and doesn’t know what to do with the watch and isn’t going to pay for shipping for the watch
  • Whoa! The watch stopped working after one hour. The customer had to shake it to get the second hand to move once again. The customer thinks it’s a piece of trash and will never buy a product from stuhrling and advises other people not to buy their products either. He said it was a cheap $80.00 watch and was no where worth the “list price”
  • This customer said there were many reviews saying the watch broke after a very short period of time. This customer’s watch broke after one day. It just froze and the customer said the watch looks great but doesn’t work well at all. The buyer felt the watch was way overpriced and just don't buy another watch like this from stuhrling.
  • This customer was outraged by this product. They said don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging because the watch is way overpriced. Their watch stopped working after a few weeks and the little arrows fell into the winding mechanism. The customer was so disgusted they said stuhrling should be banned permanently from selling on Amazon

The positive reviews stated that the watch kept accurate time and it was beautiful in appearance. One review said the watch was in such demand that in a couple days the price shot up $180.00 dollars. Another review liked the mechanical structure of the watch and that he was able to see the internal workings. The negative reviews were very critical of the product. A majority of the  negative reviewers said they would not buy the product or any products from sturhling ever again. The biggest complaint was the watch broke in a very short periods of time. One customer complained their watch broke after one hour. Another said the watch broke after one day. One reviewer was so disgusted with the watch they said stuhrling should be banned from amazon. Very negative reviews for this watch.

5. Stuhrling Original-127A.3315C2

  • This watch is for every type of man. It has universal appeal
  • Elegant stainless steel watch featuring skeleton dial with animated sun and moon display
  • 48 mm stainless steel case with Krysterna crystal dial window
  • Automatic self-wind movement with analog display
  • Leather calfskin band with deployment-clasp-with-push-button closure
  • Water resistant to 10m (33 ft): In general, withstands splashes and rain, but not immersion
  • Two year warranty  

Good Reviews
  • The person really likes the watch. It looks as good as advertised. The consumer has received many compliments about the watc. The consumer thinks the watch is a good value for the price. He thinks it’s a classy timepiece. It has kep perfect time even when he has let it sit for a day or two. He will buy the stuhrling brand again
  • This consumer receives compliments about the watch every place he goes. He has a 11” thick wrist and the watch fits him very comfortably. He really likes this timepiece
  • This young professional bought the watch so it would stand out and people would notice it from a distance. He say this is occurring for him. He thinks the watch is stylish, elegant, and classy. The perfect watch for the young professional without the high price tag. The buyer likes the watch because it has a lot of character, especially with the rising sun and moon, gold accents and blue sword like arms.  He thinks it’s a lovely watch at a great price.He highly recommends this watch.
  • The consumer likes the watch and he received many nice remarks about the watch
  • The watch has the characteristics of a pocket watch with the big bezel
  • This person thinks the watch looks really smooth. This is absolutely the best watch he has ever owned

Bad Reviews
  • The consumer complained the watch band showed signs of wear after only the second day. He was disappointed in the workmanship of the band
  • The watch increases the time by three minutes everyday. Doesn’t keep time accurately
  • The watch is very easy to break near the holder and the band
  • The watch was broken upon arrival. It looked flimsy and very poorly put together. It was all flash!
  • The consumer wound this watch tightly  and it ran for one minute and stopped. The watch stopped after one minute and the customer wasn’t pleased. He will not purchase another one. He tried shaking his wrist it just wouldn’t work. He returned it
  • The customer was disappointed with this watch. It broke after two days. He had to consistently play with the dial to get it to run. This is the second stuhrling watch that hasn’t operated well for him. He will not buy a stuhrling watch again  

There seems to be a common thread in the positive reviews. Wherever the consumers wore the watch they received many compliments. The price was good for them and they really like the looks of the watch. One reviewer felt it was the best watch he ever purchased that is a very high compliment for the quality of this watch. The watch fit one consumer’s wrist which was 11’’ a very big wrist indeed. It fit his massive wrist comfortably. The negative reviews had this common theme that the watch broke too quickly. One consumer complained it broke after one minute not a good sign for the quality of this watch.

Another customer was disappointed the watch only lasted for two days and quit working. He had to consistently play with the dial to get the watch to work. He won't be buying a  stuhrling  watch again. Here again, the pattern is people really like this watch or don’t like it.

The five stuhrzed.ling watches that were reviewed seemed to have polarizing reviews. The general  pattern of the negative reviews were that the watch is a very poorly made watch.They aren’t worth the prices they are selling for. The watches break too easy and the consumers are very disappointed in the product. Several reviewers said they don't buy stuhrling products ever again. One review said stuhrling should be banned from amazon. The positive reviews followed in a particular pattern as well. The consumers loved the prices of the watches and though the watches looked absolutely fabulous. The owner’s of the watches received many compliments on their particular time pieces. They would definitely buy stuhrling watches again. So you have opposing views about these five watches. Read these reviews and see what you think!


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